Our skin lightening Elixir has specifically been designed to lighten skin, fade acne scarring, pimples, spots and hyperpigmentation... it’s as straight forward and simple as that.This elixir contains the following: 

 Sandalwood- anti- ageing properties, skin softening effects, pimple and acne treatment, clear complexion 
Lemon essential oil- skin cleanser, one of the most powerful anti acne essential oil, reduces excess sebum on skin, tightens pores.
Sweet almond oil- removes dark circles, hyperpigmentation, makes skin healthier, removes impurities and dead skin cells. Seaweed extract- protects and maintains skins natural balance, hydrates skin,  reduce acne and acne scarring, great for sensitive skin.
Orange peel extracts- removes blemishes, dark spots, any kind of skin discolouration and mild bleaching properties. It’s also used as a anti acne treatment, prevent scars. Frankincense oil- reduces acne scarring and acne, blemishes, dark spots.Suitable for all skin type 

Ingredients : organic sweet almond oil, lemon essential oil, organic lemon oil, orange peel extracts, frankincense oil, sandalwood oil, seaweed extracts,  rose of Jericho, argon oil, orange extracts, Decyl cocoate, hypericum perforation extracts, Rosa canina seed oil


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